What is CoBELS?

“Tell me and I'll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I'll understand.”
The most striking moments of learning are the ones in which knowledge is derived from experience, when the learner stumbles upon it and “constructs” new knowledge from that experience. Most of our childhood memories of striking learning are more often than not, associated with remarkable experiences of being active participants in processes that have led us to discoveries. Experiential Learning clearly stands out as indoctrinating this process as a system that fosters critical thinking instead of following the usual school method of rote based unidirectional learning. After all, learning should be a process that people do, not a process that is done to people.

CoBELS – the most effective learning solution for Grades 3 – 8, aligned to India’s NCERT syllabus.

Competency Based Experiential Learning Solution (CoBELS) is a pedagogical tool that enhances learning through child’s own experiences and actions. It provides a method that helps the child to carry out activities in an engaging form and learn in the process. Educational and technical experts at Callystro, have blended the right pedagogical methods with ICT to create a solution that utilizes the power of ICT, reduces teacher dependency and helps improve the learning outcomes of the child. It aims at improving the logical and analytic thinking and developing the ability to apply knowledge. The activities in CoBELS are derived directly from the national curriculum such as NCERT and hence completely supplement the regular learning at schools.

Competency Based Experiential Learning Solution (CoBELS) provides an alternative method of learning that could simulate an activity/experiential learning environment. Here are some of the salient features of CoBELS that sets it apart from other digital learning solutions available today:
• Games and activities mapped to the competencies to be achieved for a particular grade as prescribed by the national curriculum.
• Detailed voice prompts in every game/activity.
• Conforms to the guidelines of the National Curriculum Framework (2005) and CCE (Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation) that redefine pedagogy with a focus on quality education.
• Requires minimal parental or teacher intervention.
• Games could be sorted as per the prescribed learning ladder for a particular topic. The games could cut across several subjects and grades in this case.
• Available in multiple languages. Addition of a language is quick and easy.
• Teacher / Parent tools to monitor/ guide children through their learning process.
• Detailed reports section indicating the learning progression of each learner based on learner’s cognitive, affective and psychomotor development.
• Provision to generate formative assessments for the learner.

Can CoBELS help my child learn better?

The short answer: an emphatic “Yes”!
The several Experiential Learning solutions that are offered today extend the culture of superficial and passive learning “from” technology. Learners in such a scenario are largely passive recipients of knowledge since there is no active engagement that takes place between the learner and technology. In this learning “from” technology scenario using educational software, both technology and learners are assuming roles that are better performed better by the other - the computer presents information, asks questions, and judges answers (all of which humans do better), and the learner receives, store and retrieves information (all of which technology does better)!

When a lesson is taught to a learner, it has a well -defined objective that should result in a well-defined action that a learner should be able to carry out. This action is the competency that a learner shall achieve. By identifying each competency from the lessons taught, we make the task easier by having definite and measurable learning outcomes. Competency Based Experiential Learning is a Solution that transforms each of the competencies that a learner is expected to achieve into an activity or a game. CoBELS will engage your child better, and help him/her understand concepts better. Our own impact studies (that we did with children in a leading school through Pre-Test / Exposure to CoBELS/ Post-Test) have shown an improvement in scores for all the children who participated. From now on, stop pestering your child to study – just let them play CoBELS.

So what are you waiting for? Join now for free  today, and let your child discover the joy of learning!