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250+ ‘Acti-Games’! Grades 3 - 8 Maths Environmental Studies (EVS) Backed by Dept. of Science & Technology, India

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A comprehensive, Over 1000 maths practice questions for each grade (6-8) to ace your subject! Multiple gaming modes!.

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Most life situations (and exams) that matter test your child's ability to apply concepts learned in class. We, as parents, can help them in this aspect by exposing them to as many situations as possible that require them to recall and apply what they have learned. This is precisely why we designed CoBELS - to provide real-life scenarios that will challenge your child and bring out the best in her/him.
Replace ‘tension filled’ Math teaching hour at home with delightful ‘Zero Pressure’ Math learning!

Competency Based eLearning Solution (CoBELS) is a standards-aligned pedagogical tool that helps your child
apply and learn concepts better through real-world Acti-Games*. It enhances learning through child’s own experiences and actions.
It provides a method that helps the child to carry out activities in an engaging form and learn in the process.
When a lesson is taught to a learner (in school or at home), it has a well -defined objective that should result in a well-defined action that a learner
should be able to carry out. This action is the competency that a learner shall achieve. CoBELS transforms each of the competencies that a
learner is expected to achieve into a scientifically designed bite-sized ‘Acti-Game’: an activity or a game that delivers the learning in a highly
enjoyable form. CoBELS thus will engage your child better, and help him/her understand concepts better.
*Acti-Games: A revolutionary new means to deliver actionable learning in bite-sized
game / activity format for maximum child engagement and learning effectiveness.
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Engaging ‘Acti-Games’ Curriculum-Aligned Individualized Progress Tracker Assessments Tablets and PCs
Learning games or game based learning has been proven to enhance learning, and CoBELS is the best learning games program available today.
CoBELS can be easily integrated into the school curriculum and helps a teacher multi-fold in understanding the strengths and areas of improvement
of each student. CoBELS integrates well with the curriculum you follow: CBSE, ICSE, Common Core, State and Know more.