Best educational Android games for kids

The formative years are crucial to human development. You first expose yourself to a lot of new data at this age. As a result, parents genuinely enjoy using educational games kids would want to teach them about various subjects. They pick up fundamental skills like reading and counting, but they do it in a way […]

Playful Math Activities for Preschoolers

Learning math enhances working memory, attention, and other fundamental cognitive abilities. According to numerous studies, a child’s math abilities when she first enters kindergarten are a reliable indicator of how well she will perform academically throughout the elementary grades in math and reading. However, avoid going to the shop to buy worksheets and flash cards […]

Classic Preschool Games That Teach Life Skills in a Subtle Way

Goose, Goose, Goose This kid-friendly game is great for teaching strategic thinking. Participants sit in a circle, and one child travels around the perimeter, touching each head and yelling “duck” as he goes. They eventually choose one youngster to play the “goose,” and they race around the circle trying to capture that child before the […]